HOME CEO Named to Delaware Small Business Advisory Committee

HOME CEO Named to Delaware Small Business Advisory Committee

WILMINGTON, Del. (Friday, January 11, 2013) – Lieutenant Governor Matt Denn announced today the creation of a statewide Small Business Advisory Committee that will meet with him on a regular basis to provide better input from the state’s small business community in the operations of state government.  The Committee’s members represent a variety of small businesses throughout the state.

Among the issues that the Committee will be discussing at future meetings will be improvements to the state’s small business loan programs, providing better information to small businesses about requirements of the Affordable Care Act, controlling workers compensation premiums, and state and county regulations.  The Committee’s meetings will rotate between Wilmington and Dover, and will be posted in advance and open to the public.

“One of the things I have frequently heard from small business owners is that they appreciate our site visits and the other efforts we make to get their input, but that they would also like a more formal and regular way of interacting with state government,” said Lieutenant Governor Denn.   “This committee is an effort to make that happen, and I hope it becomes a vehicle for small business owners to let us know in very specific ways how we can better help them.”

The committee has started with 17 members, and Denn said that others may be added in the future if the Committee thinks it would be helpful.

Small Business Committee Members

  • Greg Ballance (Diamond Technologies)
  • Gemma and Jack Buckley (Ninth Street Book Shop)
  • Fred Fortunato (Benchmark Builders)
  • Wes Garnett (The coIN Loft)
  • Ben Hsu (Quest Pharmaceutical Services)
  • Trina Joyner (Coldwell Banker Real Estate)
  • Paul Kuhns (Arena’s Deli)
  • Dave McGuigan (George & Lynch)
  • Bob Older (Creative Travel)
  • Chip Rankin (EBC Carpet Service)
  • Joseph Richichi (Healthcare Operations Management Enterprises)
  • Robert Rider (O.A. Newton)
  • Candace Roseo (Bella Vista Trattoria)
  • Victor Schimp (Sheraton Hotel)
  • Beverly Stewart (Back to Basics Learning Dynamics)
  • Justen Wright (House of Wright Mortuary)

A Message from Joe Richichi

I’m looking forward to representing Delaware physicians on the Delaware Small Business Advisory Committee.  We will be meeting every six weeks.

With the implementation of the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act, Delaware medical practices will experience a number of changes and challenges.  Please allow me to share these situations with the committee and try to find a solution to any challenges.

Please send me a brief outline and I will keep you posted on any committee activities.

Email requests to Joe Richichi – jrichichi@thehomellc.com

Questions/Information: HOME office (302) 261-3530

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